Come to my welcome table

The colour and flower of hope and inspiration

Hello, I thought that I would write here from Dove Cottage; it is our tiny cottage home in the heart of Kilmartin Glen; and it is from here, where the wellspring of  our creativity flows, comes together, and becomes who we are as artists and creatives. It is the heart to all we do and create.

My inspiration comes from a love of home, of paint, of gardening, cooking - fettling with flowers is ever close and has been from childhood, and as such, has been a big part of my working life as a floral designer and teacher.

Both George and I are Scottish artists, and we love to teach and share what we know, and learn from you at the same time. George is also a wonderful photographer and writer with a wicked sense of humour, and perhaps the kindest and gentlest teacher you would like to have. Paint frightens people, and it needn't.

The times we are in are uncertain and unsettling, but there is always hope, and in time, things will be better again. Some good that I see that has come out of all of this is some people are seeking a slower life, a quieter life, a time for reflection and creativity; a centredness that  has perhaps previously eluded them. A connection with nature in all its beauty, and a seeking to see how we can express our unique connection and inspiration through our very individual creativity, whatever that may be. If it is through working with flowers, painting, or both, perhaps our retreats and workshops are right for you . 

We have lived a quiet life tucked in the west coast of Scotland of Mid Argyll, the place of the early Kings and Queens of Dalriada. A place of magic and mystery and immense historic interest. A place of inspiration ...

We hope to welcome you to these shores, to be inspired and to create together; to share and meet new kindred spirits; to go home refreshed, restored with a new energy and vitality with creativity flowing through your veins.

As we prepare to coorie for the winter, fires lit both inside and out with cosy blankets and woolly socks we will be planning creative retreats of three days, and sometimes longer; one day workshops, both floral and painting and individual tuition where required. We are working on the details, to tailor everything to be just right for you. 

We hope you will come to the welcome table of Love Dove Studio, to create, share good food, all locally sourced. To learn 'how to do the flowers'; to paint them and for some wild and wonderful walks with paints and brushes in bag to the wild hills and shores of Mid Argyll ... and paint a landscape or seascape to take home.

It’s all in the mix at the moment and we look forward to releasing our different creative workshops to you, carefully thought out and planned to give you the best we can give. 

Gill 💖